What to Expect at Your First SE Calgary Chiropractic Consultation

Whatever your reason for visiting a chiropractor, you and the chiropractor want the same thing: an effective treatment that will help you feel better and function optimally. Ask your chiropractor any questions you have about your condition and the treatment process, particularly during the initial consultation. Here’s a general idea of what to expect during your first consultation with an SE Calgary chiropractor.

Patient History and Symptoms before Chiropractic Services

Before beginning any chiropractor services, you’ll fill out a form that provides information about your medical history and symptoms. This includes information about family medical history, prior injuries, pre-existing conditions, any pain you’re experiencing, health care providers, and any current treatments such as Calgary massage.

An Exam by the SE Calgary Chiropractor

The initial consultation includes a physical exam; expect to have your pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and reflexes checked. The SE Calgary chiropractor will then use more specific tests to assess the affected area looking for a range of motion, muscle strength, muscle tone, and other indicators.

Diagnostic Studies

Depending on your history and physical exam results, the chiropractor may recommend additional diagnostic studies. This could include x-rays, MRI scans, or other laboratory work. The purpose of these further tests is to diagnose the condition more accurately by revealing structural abnormalities.

Patient Diagnosis Following the Chiropractic Exam

Your chiropractor will use the results of the patient history, physical exam, and any diagnostic studies to reach a diagnosis. They’ll explain to you the diagnosed condition, their recommendation for a chiropractic treatment plan, and an estimate of how long the chiropractor services might last. The personal treatment plan may include things like strengthening exercises and Calgary massage.

Chiropractors use the initial consultation to begin developing an individualized treatment plan. From Calgary massage and chiropractic adjustments to patient education and modalities, they work to help you function at your best.

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