Tendonitis Treatments

Xperience Life Chiropractic is your comprehensive tendonitis injury clinic. We have the expertise needed to assess your condition and create a customized treatment plan.

Maximum Results in Minimal Time

Tendonitis can set in as a result of overuse, infection or some rheumatoid diseases. It comes with chronic inflammation and is often referred to in conjunction with the affected body part. For instance, you may seek tendonitis injury rehab for swimmer’s shoulder, golfer’s elbow or pitcher’s shoulder. Inflamed tendons can result from any sport or form of exercise that you perform on a routine basis, and you deserve comprehensive, timely attention from a doctor experienced in all forms of tendonitis injury treatment. In Calgary, that requires a consultation with Dr. Hill at Xperience Life Chiropractic. Your active lifestyle keeps your body healthy and gives you a reason to jump out of bed full of excitement in the morning. If you want to maintain your activity level or even push a little further to accomplish bigger goals, you need a trustworthy SE Calgary chiropractor on standby. That is exactly why active Calgary residents keep Dr. Hill on speed dial.