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There are many options when it comes to effective balance improvement and posture correction. From advanced procedures like an interactive metronome to simple tools like foam rollers, sit discs and Intelliskin posture-correcting shirts, you can count on Dr. Hill to introduce you to the best options to correct posture and balance problems. We work with you to create a personalized posture and balance treatment solution.

Virtual Posture Program

  • 8 weeks

  • 1 on 1 video calls

  • Accurate Picture Analysis

  • Exercise App

  • Accountability

  • Track your progress

  • Insurance coverage

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Hip PainWe help the body strengthen the posture system and move in a more functional manner to alleviate stress in the hips and change the poor postural patterns.
IT band syndromeWe treat this by aligning the pelvis and releasing the overactive muscles associated with the IT band and strengthen​ing​ the​ ​stabilizing muscles.
Tilted PelvisWe help the body strengthen ​by ​align​ing​ the body with it’s centre of gravity​.
Coccyx painWe help align this bone with adjustments and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support this area and ensure proper recovery.
SciaticaCommonly from improper sitting, sitting with legs crossed or ​an ​injur​y during exercis​e ​or heavy lifting.
Anterior Pelvic TiltFrom sitting with your hips forward, uneven weight distribution over both hips. Also from driving with poor posture.
Lower Back PainA chronic problem that can come and go over years. It can be from sitting with hips forward, uneven weight distribution, sitting slouched​, ​typing on a compute​r​, heavy lifting​ and driving. ​
HyperkyphosisFrom sitting ​or driving with poor posture​, we correct this ​by adjusting ​and ​strengthening the posture system through exercises, taping, and posture clothing.
Asthma / Shortness of BreathBy strengthening posture ​patterns ​and learning to control proper breathing muscles​,​ the body can effectively breath​e​ with greater lung capacity.
Thoracic Outlet SyndromeWhen we lose postural tone we tighten ​chest and neck ​muscles​ that ​pinch nerve​s, ​ resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain​.
Digestive DysfunctionProblems to the nerves as they exit this area of the spine can result in digestive problems such as acid reflux and GERD.
Neck painW​e look for the cause and address​ ​the functional impairments associated with the pain.
Headaches​ / MigrainesOccipital headaches, and tension headaches​ ​stem from poor postural patterns or injuries​. ​
WhiplashFrom ​motor vehicle accident​s or sporting injuries​, ​we work on the muscle and fascial layers to heal properly and get rid of scar tissue.
Tech NeckSymptoms include headache, neck pain, tingling in arms, neck and shoulder muscle tightness, and fatigue. All can be corrected.
Headaches​ & MigrainesOccipital headaches and tension headaches​ ​stem from poor postural patterns or injuries​. ​
Vertigo & DizzinessCan be affected by dysfunction of the cervical spine​.
Ear Pressure & Ear InfectionsBy aligning the skull and top two vertebrae​s​ the body is able to drain the ear canals​.
Jaw PainReleas​ing the jaw muscles that are tight or in spasm​ we teach ways to relax the body​.​
ConcussionIs ​trauma to the head such as whiplash ​from ​ car ​or sport ​accident ​that w​e ​treat​ by ​decreas​ing ​ stress on the brain and nervous syste​m. ​

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