Posture Correction

Your posture has a positive or negative influence on the daily activities you do. Good posture brings confidence, balance and pain free movement. Poor posture causes stress to the body, spinal degeneration, and pain. Simply correcting your posture can enhance the quality of your life and overall health. If you find yourself in need of correction, tap into Dr. Hill’s expertise today.

Get To The Root of Your Pain

Effective and long lasting posture correction requires a program focused on improving the alignment, balance and movement of your body. We’ve designed a program that targets the alignment of the spine, corrects dysfunctional muscle patterns through exercises and re-educates your daily posture habits.

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The Importance of Proper Posture

Dr. Hill’s professional experience has assisted thousands of patients in need of chiropractic care. His goal is to help patients live a full and active lifestyle. Good posture can prevent injuries, pains, and other severe body nuances. Dr. Hill’s vast understanding of the significance of proper posture has allowed him to offer efficient solutions in holistic wellness. It’s about bringing health and comfort to all who need help
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Virtual Posture Chiropractic Program

We are currently able to provide online telehealth services to individuals living ANYWHERE in Alberta with internet access.
This is for you if:

  • You want to take part in our VIRTUAL POSTURE CORRECTION PROGRAM.
  • You live in a community that does not have chiropractic services, or the task of getting to an appointment + the drive takes hours out of your day.
  • You do not have access to more specialized services, like we offer, such as: Headache & Migraine therapy, Postural correction programs.
  • It is challenging for you to leave the home for an appointment.
  • You want the 1:1 attention you receive with your chiropractor via our online services in the privacy of your home

Join Our Posture Program

For your convenience we now offer In Person and Virtual Posture Programs:

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Hip Pain We help the body strengthen the posture system and move in a more functional manner to alleviate stress in the hips and change the poor postural patterns.
IT band syndrome We treat this by aligning the pelvis and releasing the overactive muscles associated with the IT band and strengthen​ing​ the​ ​stabilizing muscles.
Tilted Pelvis We help the body strengthen ​by ​align​ing​ the body with it’s centre of gravity​.
Coccyx pain We help align this bone with adjustments and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support this area and ensure proper recovery.
Sciatica Commonly from improper sitting, sitting with legs crossed or ​an ​injur​y during exercis​e ​or heavy lifting.
Anterior Pelvic Tilt From sitting with your hips forward, uneven weight distribution over both hips. Also from driving with poor posture.
Lower Back Pain A chronic problem that can come and go over years. It can be from sitting with hips forward, uneven weight distribution, sitting slouched​, ​typing on a compute​r​, heavy lifting​ and driving. ​
Hyperkyphosis From sitting ​or driving with poor posture​, we correct this ​by adjusting ​and ​strengthening the posture system through exercises, taping, and posture clothing.
Shortness of Breath By strengthening posture ​patterns ​and learning to control proper breathing muscles​,​ the body can effectively breath​e​ with greater lung capacity.
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome When we lose postural tone we tighten ​chest and neck ​muscles​ that ​pinch nerve​s, ​ resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain​.
Digestive Dysfunction Problems to the nerves as they exit this area of the spine can result in digestive problems such as acid reflux and GERD.
Neck pain W​e look for the cause and address​ ​the functional impairments associated with the pain.
Headaches​ / Migraines Occipital headaches, and tension headaches​ ​stem from poor postural patterns or injuries​. ​
Whiplash From ​motor vehicle accident​s or sporting injuries​, ​we work on the muscle and fascial layers to heal properly and get rid of scar tissue.
Tech Neck Symptoms include headache, neck pain, tingling in arms, neck and shoulder muscle tightness, and fatigue. All can be corrected.
Headaches​ & Migraines Occipital headaches and tension headaches​ ​stem from poor postural patterns or injuries​. ​
Vertigo & Dizziness Can be affected by dysfunction of the cervical spine​.
Ear Pressure By aligning the skull and top two vertebrae​s​ the body is able to drain the ear canals​.
Jaw Pain Releas​ing the jaw muscles that are tight or in spasm​ we teach ways to relax the body​.​
Concussion Is ​trauma to the head such as whiplash ​from ​ car ​or sport ​accident ​that w​e ​treat​ by ​decreas​ing ​ stress on the brain and nervous syste​m. ​