Neck And Back Pain Treatments

Our goal is to create a personalized neck pain treatment plan for each client, so you can count on us to treat the unique needs of your body.

Get Long-Lasting Relief

Is neck pain interfering with your quality of life? Dr. Hill specializes in body pain treatment and stays up to date with the latest technologies. This is why so many people now consider him the leading SE Calgary chiropractor for neck pain. While he can provide effective chiropractic adjustments, your treatment options also include advanced procedures and technologies. This includes Intelliskin posture-correction shirts. If you haven’t given these clinically-proven shirts a try, we welcome the chance to introduce you to a new option for pain management.

Our goal is to provide individualized neck pain rehab services. We take the time to listen closely to your experiences, goals and desires. We perform thorough assessments that allow us to understand your pain, and then we create a plan that addresses your unique condition. We can’t wait to help you improve your quality of life through efficient pain relief.