Migraine Treatment Solutions

An intense, throbbing headache often accompanied by sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, and vomiting, a migraine wipes you out. If you suffer from these severe headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. Relief helps you return to your routine and activities. Learn about migraine treatment solutions that can help reduce or eliminate migraines.

Ice Packs for Migraine Treatment

Ice is a great way to help relieve pain when a migraine strikes. Try using ice packs to get relief from intense headaches; apply the ice packs as soon as possible to help control the pain. Cold is a better choice for migraines than heat because it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Calgary Massage to Reduce Migraine Pain

Easing spasms in the neck and shoulders can help you relax and reduce the pain of migraine headaches. Calgary massage performed by a therapist with experience treating migraines is an excellent part of a holistic solution to migraine pain. Other relaxation techniques with Calgary massage, like tai chi and yoga, may also help relieve migraine pain.

Trigger Management to Minimize Migraines

Pay attention to when you get migraines and see if you can discover what triggers them. Alcohol, missed meals, sleep disruptions, and caffeine are common migraine triggers. Once you identify your triggers, try to avoid them to reduce the number of migraines you experience.

Treatment with a Calgary Chiropractor

Work with a Calgary chiropractor to find migraine relief. With a holistic approach, a Calgary chiropractor can use a variety of techniques such as adjustments, essential oils, and food sensitivity testing to minimize the frequency and intensity of migraines. They’ll assess your condition and develop a custom treatment plan to meet your needs.

When you need migraine treatment solutions to help you beat the pain of a severe headache, talk to a chiropractor. They can help you create a holistic treatment plan for comprehensive relief.

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