Brain & Stress Therapy

From simple resources like essential oils to technical processes like interactive metronome, our Calgary brain therapy services can help you experience life to the fullest.

Feel Your Best With Our Calgary Brain Therapy

Are you looking for a SE Calgary chiropractor with the training and experience to treat your whole body in the most natural way possible? If you’re looking for comprehensive services that can help you heal quickly and approach each new day feeling your best mentally and physically, consider personalized Calgary brain therapy with Dr. Hill. Along with professional, certified staff members, he takes pride in delivering fast, effective services from food sensitivity training to chronic pain relief and everything in between. Interactive metronome is an assessment and training procedure that can help with a wide variety of mental and physical conditions. This includes enhancing your memory, improving your brain’s processing speed, correcting poor motor coordination, and even helping with athletic and academic performance. Dr. Hill is also experienced in the use of holistic medicine, including treatment with essential oils. From serious medical conditions to lifestyle improvements, we help you live your best life.
Headache/migraine pain that is felt behind the eyes or the front of the forehead. Often from eye strain, weak eye muscles or sensitivity to smells and light. We help calm down the stress response system to decrease sensitivity to stimulus and strengthen weak eye muscles.
Across the Top
If you get headaches that feel like a tight band around your head it is most likely a tension headache or cervicogenic. They can come on from stress and neck misalignments and associated with poor posture. Adjustments and muscle therapy to relax the body are treatments we do to effectively get rid of these headaches.
The Sides of the Head
Headache pain felt on the side of the head can be caused by clenching of the jaw due to stress or sensitivity to sounds. We help decrease the stress response system and make sure the jaw is properly aligned to decrease tension in those muscles.
Back of the Head
Pain in the back of the head can often be caused by tight muscles at the base of the skull caused by misalignment of the upper cervical spine, often due to poor posture. This is commonly caused from an occipital headache and is effectively treated with adjustments, muscle therapy, and posture correction.
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