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Your lines of energy guide us to treat physical and mental conditions with Acupuncture 

Focus On Your Overall Wellness With Acupuncture 

The human body is a network of energy pathways, carefully intertwined and connected for your everyday function. These pathways are called meridians which is the foundation of all acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture promotes relaxation, especially in an active brain which is responsible for insomnia and anxiety. Most people find needles to be the problem but acupuncture is the solution! Acupuncture is known to alter perceptions of pain, creating a sensation of pain relief. Fatigue is something many of us face but make the most of your everyday with a customized acupuncture treatment and experience the difference in your performance, wellness and happiness.

New Patient Assessment: $120.00 

Follow-up Treatments: $90.00 

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